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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?
We list and handle the selling process for your items for you, so you don’t have to. 


Where will you post my stuff?
We will list your items across Facebook marketplace and a variety of exclusive partner websites.


What if my item sells?
Your subscription is completely transferable and is tied to you the seller and not the items you are selling. Therefore, you can always just have us list and promote a different item instead.    


Can I choose the items price?
You are more than welcome to choose how much you want your item to sell for however for best practice we request you give us a range.


I am only free at certain times to meet can you accommodate?    
Yes, you can specify when promoting your item what times you are free to meet with perspective buyers and if you wish for us to give out your contact information or not.


What if I have more than 10 items?    
You can always contact us for bulk rates at

Can I get a refund if my stuff does not sell?
Your stuff will or will not sell for a variety of factors and do to this we cant make any guarantees that the items you list with us will sell. All we can guarantee is we will list the items and we will handle the communication for said items related to the listings that we make.

Can you do listings that require Shipping? 
Yes, we can as long it is something we can list on marketplace then we can handle it. However, you would need to work out the payment arrangement from the buyer since we are not a payment processor.

Is there anything I can't list?
We can list and manage anything for you as long as it does not violate marketplaces rules.

How will I know my listings are up?
Upon request we can send you a link so you can view your live listings.

What makes this different than just paying for ads?
Paying for ads can be much costlier especially if you use your money incorrectly and targeting the wrong demographic. Our service offers set prices and does not require you to be a marketing guru thus protecting you from losing money and we target everyone and we also go a step further by handling the buyer / client communication as well as giving you recommendations on how to price / sell your item for best success.

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